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Kekereke Prostate


Prostate health is commonly ignored among both men and women. This is why Kekereke developed the Prostate formula. By strengthening prostate function, sexual performance is enhanced. Men who experience erectile dysfunction can benefit from the Prostate formula. In women, the Prostate formula dramatically decreases inflammation and rids the body of unhealthy bacteria.


*Each Bag weighs about 30 grams



Kekereke Prostate Formula

Primarily grown in Benin and Senegal, the herbal formula’s main ingredient includes combretum micranthum. The Prostate formula aids in prostate health but does so much more. It’s a natural sleep aid as well as a blood cleaner. Other ingredients include rein and N’dribala.


Kekereke herbal supplements are currently not approved by the FDA and a doctor should be consulted when using natural herbal treatments.

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Weight 30 g