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What is Kekereke Traditional Medicine?

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We believe in herbalism. Herbalism is the study of botany and use of plants intended for medicinal purposes or for supplementing a diet and one of the main methods used to treat many illnesses in traditional African medicine. Since the continent of Africa has an abundance of herbs and plants from areas such as rain forests, healers use the indigenous flora as treatments.

Kekereke (pronounced KEY-KAR-EEKI) is traditional natural holistic herbal medicines from various parts of Africa.We offer a specialized formula of herbs, roots and plants to naturally treat several health issues. Each formula has a different purpose and heals the body in a unique way. Kekereke Traditional Medicine is a medical system based on the use of plants or plant extracts that may be eaten or applied to the skin. Our most popular variety is the Kekereke Digestion/Multipurpose which is specially designed to heal several parts of the body simultaneously.

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Organic Herbal Supplement from Africa!

 Since ancient times, herbals has been used by many different cultures throughout the world to treat illness and to assist bodily functions. Today we rely heavily on expensive prescriptions that cause more damage to the body than good. Kekereke wants to bring back good health using only the stuff made by Mother Nature herself.

Did You Know?

There is evidence that many chronic metabolic diseases begin in the gut. It occurs when too many toxins leak into the bloodstream causing chronic inflammation. This diet-induced inflammation may trigger insulin resistance (driving type 2 diabetes), leptin resistance (causing obesity), fatty liver disease, and has been strongly linked to many of the world’s most serious diseases. Fortunately, Kekereke Traditional Medicine has something for these issues.


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Organic Harvest of Natural Medicines

Plant Life

Africa is endowed with many plants that can be used for medicinal purposes to which they have taken full advantage. In fact, out of the approximated 6400 plant species used, more than 4000 are used as medicinal plants. Medicinal plants are used in the treatments of many diseases and illnesses, the uses and effects of which are of growing interest to Western societies. Not only are plants used and chosen for their healing abilities, but they also often have symbolic and spiritual significance. For example, leaves, seeds, and twigs that are white, black and red are seen as especially symbolic or magical and possess special properties.

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What we do

Kekereke Herbal Medicine selling start with the notation on the belief that organically grown and wild-harvested herbs of the highest quality would have a positive effect on people’s health. At a time when herbs were not known for their medicinal properties, the herbalist forged ahead, was progressive, and ahead of its time. Kekereke Traditional Medicines hold true to that progression and this is why we are proud to offer safe natural treatments that are made into our herbal extracts, teas, and medicinal oils come from many local certified organic farms or sustainable and ethical wild harvesters. Our desire is to share these products with those of you who are seeking a happier, healthier body and life with the use of nature’s best. Over the years, we have seen and personally experienced the benefits of these high quality herbal products and am delighted to share them with others.

So What Are YOU waiting for?

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